Shipping containers can be used to create virtually any type of structure! 


Shipping containers at seaindustrial site -  shipping containerShipping container restaurant


Here are some examples of residential, commercial and industrial floor plans using shipping containers as the basis of the structure.


Each structure is composed of multiple modules that are available on our product pages.  By no means are these plans the only available designs.  They are simply examples of what you can create with shipping containers.  The combinations are limitless!

 Residential Projects

Shipping container homes have, over the last decade, become a popular alternative to traditional constructions!

Residential products


Multifamily-4 to 12plex Model A-B-C

Multifamily-6 to 18plex-exterior ent


 Commercial Projects

Increase your overall cash flow by creating commercial space out of shipping containers!!

Commercial products


Motel-24plex Model AHotel Model A 3d renderingsummerscene_high_resMotel VT

 Industrial Projects

Build any size industrial structure capable of servicing the oil/gas, forestry & military industries (to name a few)!

Industrial products


20 Man Workforce Camp

Workforce camp 20 man

40 Man Workforce Camp

Workforce camp 40 man

Industrial Office Building

Industrial Offices Main Floor Industrial Offices 2nd Floor

If you have projects and require a more in depth revision of your needs, please contact us and discuss your proposal with us.