Standardization is the key for low cost buildings in the industrial sector!  Blocks Modular shipping container structures are designed with this purpose in mind. By combining different module series, you can create any size structure suited for your needs.



Be it a 1000 man workforce camp for the oil & gas industry or a small rural gas station, we offer low cost solutions with quick assembly timelines.

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 Each module can be used in a variety of related applications other than industrial ones. For example, the 40ft wash car module.

This module could be used for:



      • Summer Camps
      • Community Centers
      • Rural Schools
      • Exhibitions & Events

Module-Workcamp-Unisex Lavatory Model A

The same goes for our site office series. Each module can fit many different roles. It’s one of the many advantages when using the shipping container building system.

Examine our available module designs and contact us with the details of your project. Blocks Modular may be the company for you.


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