Over the last decade, shipping container homes have become increasingly popular as an alternative building solution. As the cost of building or buying a home continues to rise, people are looking for alternatives and the shipping container has quickly become a favourite building source. Shipping container homes are built using the frame of a shipping container or Sea Can. Sea Cans are built to withstand the elements of the wind and sea; they are also fireproof, insect proof, mold proof, sustainable/green, and they meet or exceed structural safety codes.

At Blocks Modular we are leading Western Canada in how to build the best shipping container homes and container commercial structures and have even created some of the best floor plans and tested layouts for your shipping container home. Each module is built in a controlled environment, away from the elements. Our team also ensures each unit meets the highest production standards and is built on schedule.

Once the build is complete, the modules are shipped and assembled by our team of experts on site to create a cost effective home or building, superior to most building standards.

Build a stronger, more durable, affordable and sustainable home or commercial building with Blocks Modular today!

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Shipping container homes have, over the last decade, become a popular alternative to traditional construction materials. As the cost of resources keep rising, entrepreneurs have recognized the potential of using sea containers as the framework for new buildings. Large surpluses of these standardized units of transportation exists across the world. Hard to destroy & resistant to weather, they are a natural choice to combat rising building costs.

We build each module in a controlled environment away from the elements. It ensures that each unit meets the highest production standards and is built in a timely fashion. Once completed, the building modules are shipped and promptly assembled together to create a long lasting, cost effective structure superior to most building standards

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