Workcamp – Central Hall-Medical Bay

Every remote workforce camp should include this medical bay.


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Product Description

This module houses the medical facility of the workforce camp.  Great for treating job injuries and other work related mishaps.  The model contains a treatment area and storage rooms.  as with all our products, combine it with additional modules to create a larger facility.

Key Features


  • 72″ central entrance sliding doors *
  • Air conditioning & heating controls (option)
  • Telephone, internet & cable (option)
  • Large e vinyl windows
  • 36″ access doors (wheelchair friendly)
  • 1 year warranty on all products
  • CSA approved

* Central hall series main feature




  • R * fiberglass insulation
  • Commercial vinyl walls
  • Vinyl commercial flooring
  • Overhead light fixtures
  • 2 medical storage areas

    • add. wall partitions available (option)

* R rating depends on local regulations

Treatment Room

  • Standard sink 
  • large bath
  • Standard toilet
  • Medical bed


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