Site Office – Office & Lavatory Model D

An 40ft fully loaded Site Office great for executives in remote areas.


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Product Description

This is an executive site office with restroom and kitchenette.  Designed to be used on high end job sites or as  executive offices.  Convert the office into a bedroom for those remote locations.

Key Features

  • Air conditioning & heating controls (option)
  • Telephone, internet & cable (option)
  • Kitchenette
  • Unisex restroom with sliding door
  • Large e vinyl windows
  • Unisex restroom
  • 1 year warranty on all products
  • CSA approved

* Speak to one of our representative for details



  • R * fiberglass insulation
  • Commercial vinyl walls
  • Vinyl commercial flooring
  • Overhead light fixtures

* R rating depends on local regulations


  • Standard sink with counters
  • Standard toilet
  • Hand dryer


  • Counter with sink
  • Microwave


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