Hotel – Central Hall Model A

A compact Hotel room & hall module suitable for rural structures, workforce camps and other similar structures.


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Product Description

This Hotel module is designed to be used in conjunction with a shared lavatory facility.  It’s designed so that the central hall is built in to each module.  Central Hall, Model A is an excellent choice for rural structures.  It can also fulfill other roles such as student accommodations, workforce camps and relief housing.

Key Features

  • Interior/exterior room access availability
  • Individual room air conditioning & heating controls
  • Telephone, internet & cable availability
  • Compact and comfortable living quarters
  • Wheelchair accessibility
  • Balcony & staircase options (speak to a Blocks Modular rep. for more details)
  • 1 year warranty on all products
  • CSA approved



  • R-19 fiberglass insulation
  • ½” drywall finish (with paint)
  • Standard low-e vinyl windows
  • Hollow core interior doors
  • Grade carpet
  • Overhead light fixtures


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