Eatery – Model A

This self-contained eatery combines the best aspects of a fast food truck with a large restaurant!


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Product Description

This module allows you to begin your own restaurant at a fraction of traditional costs.  It contains the needed equipment to run a successful kitchen.  Additional requirements can be discussed with our representatives.  Make this module a permanent structure or place it on axles for mobility.

Key Features

  • Individual room air conditioning & heating controls
  • Telephone, internet & cable availability
  • Spacious Counter-top & storage
  • Equipment
    • Oven, Range & Grill
    • Hotplate & Deep-Fryer
    • Refrigerators & Freezer
    • Walk-in Cooler
  • Restroom/Maintenance room
    • Hot water tank
    • toilet & sink
  • 1 year warranty on all products
  • CSA approved



  • R-19 fiberglass insulation *
  • Commercial Vinyl interior finish
  • Standard low-e vinyl windows
  • Hollow core interior doors
  • Commercial vinyl floor
  • Overhead light fixtures

* R Rating depends on local regulations


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