FAQ on shipping container structures

Welcome to FAQ page.  Here you will find answers to many of your general questions concerning shipping container structures.  We hope that most of your queries will be answered.


If you have additional questions or would like to see questions/answers added to this FAQ sheet, please contact us.


Structure & Codes

Self-contained units like storage and sites offices do not require much site preparation, provided there is firm ground to place units.

The site may require minimum preparation as to keep your building leveled and serviced.  Larger structures like multifamily units do require site preparation such as the foundation and utility installation.

No. The container itself is made of non-corrosive Corten steel. The interior of the ISBU module is completed with insulation, framing and drywall.  It is also covered with siding or other exterior material. This gives the overall product a very high rust resistance.

Insulation depends on your project location. Blocks Modular will comply with regulations governing structure insulation (i.e. R ratings). Most of our construction will use some form of spray foam. Storage and site offices requirements are significantly lower and may not even require insulation. Check your local building planning office to find out more about the regulations in your area.

Building codes usually require 8′ ceilings. An ISBU is 8.6′ tall and a High Cubes ISBU is 9.6’. Our ceiling will vary from 8’ to 9’ depending on the product and your choices.

We may work or consult with you to obtain all necessary documentation, including your building permit from the city’s building department.

As part of developing your project, Blocks Modular can work with you to arrange for your site survey.

Once Blocks Modular begins a project with you, our products are made to comply with all regulations in your area (i.e. insulation ratings, fire ratings).

Yes, ISBU Homes, either single units or multiple units connected, can withstand 100 MPH winds on a foundation, or 175 MPH winds when easily anchored with pylons. …extremely solid in Tornados or Hurricanes.

Absolutely. Depending on the final design you have chosen for your foundation; your structure can have lower levels. This basement will be built just like any other traditional construction. Certain foundations such as screw piles would not contain a cellar.

You can expect that your structure will last as long as any traditional construction. There are studies being currently conducted that points to an increase in life expectancy for shipping container structures. (More details will be provided as information comes forward)

Yes, that is one of the great advantages of using shipping containers to build buildings. The ISBU construction system is ideal, should a parcel of land be rezoned for a larger structure. Simply remove the outer cladding and add the necessary additional modules. We recommend that you know the desired end result ahead of time so our team can plan ahead for your requirements.
It’s a better, more cost effective option compared to tearing down and rebuilding!