Creating Solutions with Shipping Container Structures!

Community Meeting

Blocks Modular shipping container structures will allow communities and other non-profit organizations the opportunities to create viable solutions to a number of social issues. It also allows you to revisit unfeasible projects and give them new life.



Often, the cost of helping the unfortunate makes it difficult even for the most devoted charities. This is due to rising costs of properties and building materials. Our team can help with all of these obstacles.


Unrban Living

By using our system, communities are able to reduce  construction costs due to the standardization of our modules. As real estate investors and contractors, we also recognize the importance of speed and deadlines. This allows for lower operating expenses and more viable projects.

Communities can benefit in several areas. Consider this…

  •     Affordable housing
  •     Community centers
  •     Public buildings & schools
  •     Transportation depots
  •     Shelters
  •     Event booths
  •     Public washrooms
  •     Park buildings
  •     Safe, secure, storage
  •     Relief housing
  • Container City (London)One of our goals is to become a leading provider of affordable housing and community buildings in Canada.

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